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News accounts are becoming grim reminders, on an international scale, that the ways to survive an active shooter scenario narrow to running, hiding or, when neither are accessible, engaging the shooter(s) between the time help is summoned and the moment police arrive. Because active shooter situations are often over within 5 minutes, before help arrives on the scene, you must be prepared both mentally and physically to survive an active shooter situation. Tactics – Develop a Plan: RUN: Whenever possible you should put as much distance between yourself and the shooter. HIDE: When an escape is not possible, locate a safe place to hide. Fortify the area with furniture, equipment, etc. so it is difficult to enter the location. Making it more difficult to enter an area has been shown to deter a shooter. FIGHT: When the 1st two (2) options are not available, be mentally prepared to fight. Arm yourself with whatever is available. Anything can be used as a weapon to protect yourself. Be mentally PREPARED to PROTECT yourself. Advice to Survive When at an event or in a room with many people, such as a concert, movie or classroom, be ALERT. Familiarize yourself with the surroundings, is someone or something out of place, locate entrances and exits, identify any safe zone. Realize that even the best developed plan may need to be altered as the threat changes. Be prepared to adjust your plan. Preparation and training as well as a well developed plan will go a long way to increase the odds of surviving an active shooter incident. At Falcon, we are ready to prepare your employees and management team to select and implement precise sound solutions to counter workplace violence risks. Contact Falcon today.