The Importance Of Executive Protection

Today, more than ever, there is greater need to stay protected. The risk of an adverse event is at an all-time high. Executive protection services provide security for c-suite executives, celebrities, dignitaries, and other high net worth individuals.

Protection is imperative in today’s world. A thorough risk assessment is the first step in the process. A comprehensive risk assessment will identify potential threats to you, your business, and your loved ones. Once the risk assessment is completed, a comprehensive security plan to mitigate security threats can be developed.  

Why Use Executive Protection Services?

Threats can materialize in many different forms and from many directions. Using an experienced executive protection firm can give you the piece of mind that potential risks are accounted for. There is a misconception that if you hire protective services, you’ll receive a large bodyguard, however this is a false perception. 

Executive protection is more than just physical prowess. Highly trained professionals use mental strengths and intelligence to perform site surveys and assessments for residences, commercial buildings, corporations, institutions, educational facilities and Houses of Worship.

Who Should Use Executive Protection Services?

There are several situations where it makes sense to use executive protection services from a leading agency. Corporations need protection for their executives to prevent assaults, protect intellectual property, prevent kidnappings, etc. High-profile clients need protection in certain situations where discretion is necessary, and access should be limited. An emergency medical response plan should also be a consideration and is available with experienced professionals. These are just a few of the situations where you or your organization should consider executive protection services.

Why Select The Falcon Consulting Group As Your Executive Protection Provider?

Our executive protection associates have the relevant training and experience in high-threat situations. They have experience in law enforcement with many trained in SWAT operations or prior executive protection details. Many have experience operating in high threat environments including overseas assignments. Because of the sensitive nature of providing protective services, our associates practice discretion and blend in with a crowd to avoid unnecessary attention. Our associates are detail-oriented and professional. 

If you are considering executive protection services for individuals or for an upcoming event, you need an experienced company who you can trust. The Falcon Consulting Group provides the elite service you, your company, and your family need to stay protected in high-risk environments. When you’re ready to work with certified and insured executive protection associates, contact our Managing Partner at (609) 705-1229 or


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