Avoiding Toxic Work Environments

It’s that time of year when most people would rather lounge at the beach than be cooped up in an office. This is a completely normal feeling; however, dreading going into work or feeling left out or harassed in the office is not normal. Ensure your employees do not become victims of a toxic work environment with these helpful tips.

Anti-harassment policy

Employees are in the office to work, not to feel threatened or insecure. The best course of action to prevent harassment is through implementing a formal anti-harassment policy for employees and management, and guaranteeing it is strictly enforced. Most HR departments have an anti-harassment policy new employees must sign during the on-boarding process, but this practice may not be revisited until an incident. With a freshly revised and implemented policy, HR departments can schedule an employee meeting at least once a year to review the policy and assure everyone is aware of the proper code of conduct.

Mutual respect

“Treat others the way you want to be treated” isn’t just a saying we leave behind in grade school. This phrase is the easiest way to create a positive company culture for employees. A positive, welcoming work environment lowers office stress, employee turnaround turnover rates, and generally makes people more productive. Employees should strive to respect one another, and management can contribute by showing appreciation of employees by establishing and implementing a suitable anti-harassment policy Between these actions, no employee should feel uncomfortable or undervalued. Contact us at twraftery@falconconsultinggroup.com or (800) 636-4870 for more information on how we can be of assistance to your employees and your company culture.