In this climate of heightened alertness and increased concern of attackers breaching physical and digital walls, security should be at to the forefront of your mind. Read this list to see which services can best help you keep your company’s information and personnel secure.

Cyber security

Online security breaches are becoming a common concern among companies large and small. The Falcon Consulting Group provides information security and cyber security solutions, as well as intrusion investigations. It is extremely important to ensure your devices, facilities, telecommunications and software are protected, and that audits are regularly implemented. Data should be backed up frequently using secure storage. Password integrity is also critical. Taking these steps to proactively secure your company’s data will save time, resources and finances in the long run.

Workplace violence prevention

Maintaining employee and management security is a key priority for any company. Minimizing the opportunity for workplace violence, and any resulting injury, depends upon employers developing a strong safety program. These programs include active employee participation, hazard identification and prevention training. The Falcon Consulting Group can develop programs, specifically tailored to meet the needs and concerns of any firm.

Risk assessment

Protecting employees and corporate assets is the responsibility of every corporation. Identifying potential risks and hardening the work environment is a main emphasis for companies in today’s environment. Companies must also identify, control and monitor Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA) risks across the company in today’s global economy. With risk assessment, firms can audit and accurately determine risk, train personnel regularly on compliance policy and FCPA requirements.

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