How do I Prepare my Business for a Cyber Security Attack

Developing and implementing a cyber security strategy can help you and your business avoid financial, personal, and professional losses. See why it’s important to ensure that you, your employees, and your system are prepared in case of a cyberattack:

Take attacks seriously

Almost daily there are reports of criminals stealing data. While most reports tend to involve large firms, small and medium sized firms are not immune. McAfee, a leading provider of security software, reported that it had found that 90 percent of small and medium-sized U.S. businesses do not sufficiently protect its electronic company and customer information.

Avoid public Wi-Fi

As convenient as public Wi-Fi is when the office’s Internet is not connecting or if you’re emailing clients on-the-go, hackers are known to collect sensitive information through unsecured Wi-Fi networks. All business transactions should be performed on secure networks or through mobile data usage.

Frequently checking banking activity

Monitor business accounts closely. If you do not have time to manually log into your business’ bank account or review a paper statement, set up text alerts from your bank. These alerts generally tell you if a transaction has exceeded a certain amount or when your credit card balance hits a stated number.

Password security

Strong and unique passwords are essential to maintaining and protecting your business. Create passwords that you can remember them, but different enough that a hacker doesn’t succeed in using the same password for each of your accounts. When creating a password, keep these simple tips in mind:
  • Do not include your name
  • Should be at least six characters long
  • Contains various characters
    • Lowercase
    • Uppercase
    • Numbers
    • Symbols
Take advantage of more secure login protocols, such as two-step authentication, when accounts permit them.


Review your business and assess the value of the firm’s information. Consider getting insurance for your business if you store delicate information or perform most of your transactions online. Protection for the unforeseen cyber security threats is becoming as standard as liability insurance for company vehicles.

Inform employees and vendors

Employees must be aware of the importance of online security. Institute clearly defined policies within and throughout your organization, so that all employees know and understand the proper procedures and can take necessary measures to protect sensitive information. It has been reported that approximately 80 percent of security-related incidents are a result of employee behavior. For this reason, your employees need to be well trained about and aware of the threats to your company’s cyber security. The Falcon Consulting Group can provide services designed to protect devices, facilities, telecommunications, and software. For more information, contact us at or (800) 636-4870.