How To Keep Your Business Safe While Abroad

Establishing a plan and being proactive on protecting your small business before leaving the country will not only save you time and ease your mind, but will safeguard your company’s physical, financial, and professional assets. Below are some tips on how to keep your business safe while being abroad.

Update software and passwords

Updating security software and passwords should be done regularly. Before leaving the country, make sure the security software is up to date and that only trusted people have access to the new passwords. This will protect your company from cybercriminals and hackers while you are abroad.

Invest in a safe for your valuables

Every business should have a safe to keep valuables like financial information, tech devices, and property insurance policies under lock, especially while away. When leaving the country, only take the necessary valuables with you, and leave the rest locked at home, giving access to a few people in case of an emergency.

Automatize alarms and lights

Schedule alarms systems at your company to go off in case someone tries to break in, install CCTV systems to monitor what is going on in your absence, and automatize lights with a switch timer so it seems like someone is at the office at regular times. Taking precaution on these matters will assure your company’s safety while you are gone.

Be careful when using public Wi-fi

Checking emails, bank accounts and other sensitive information is a must when traveling, but doing it so on a public Wi-fi can lead to cybercriminals to attack your business. To avoid this, only connect to Wi-fi using a VPN (virtual private network) or your own hotspot from your phone so no one can access your information. Contact us at or (800) 636-4870 for more information on how to keep your business safe while traveling.