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Threat Assessment & Protection

“Why do I need a Threat Assessment and Protection?”

In the Metro Region, violent crime has surged over the past few months. Homicide rates in Philadelphia and NYC are up over 30%. Shootings in both cities have skyrocketed.

The Insurance Information Institute expects that in terms of property damage, this year could be one of the most expensive civil disorders in U.S. history.

In today’s world of uncertainty and unrest, the risk of an adverse event is at an all-time high.

Expert Service

With more than 25 years of experience in military and law enforcement, our team is here for you. Our extensive backgrounds include high threat environments, both domestically and overseas, experience in executive protection and SWAT operations. 

Threat Assessments

The Falcon Consulting Group is highly trained in Security Site Surveys & Threat Assessments for residences, commercial buildings, corporations, institutions, educational facilities, and Houses of Worship. Our team will conduct thorough assessments of your facilities, identifying any potential weak points or threats and then make the necessary recommendations to ensure the safety and security of your building or facility.

Executive Protection

Your lifestyle presents unique security challenges. Falcon Security Associates can help identify risks specific to you and your family and recommend methods to mitigate those risks. We offer 24/7 personal protection, complete with a vehicle.


Let our experts provide you with the assurance that you are safe and secure. 


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