Falcon Private Security

Your lifestyle presents unique security challenges. Falcon Security Associates can help identify risks specific to you and your family and recommend methods to mitigate those risks. Our team of highly-trained individuals have extensive backgrounds in military and law enforcement.

You can’t buy the kind of experience that Falcon Associates bring to the job. Each one of our skilled security experts has over 25 years of experience in these critical areas:

  • SWAT and firearms trained
  • Emergency vehicle operations
  • High threat, high pressure environments such as Iraq/Afghanistan.
  • Trained in medical emergencies responses.

Personal Protection – 24/7, complete with a vehicle.

If you feel you are in need of personal protection for any reason, contact the experts at Falcon Security Associates right away.

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Who We Are

The Falcon Consulting Group is a leading provider of due diligence and investigative services, litigation support, risk assessment, and security solutions worldwide.


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