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Some of The Falcon Consulting Group Associates

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Meet Our Specialists

Falcon strives to provide the best possible services and solutions to our clients based on our extensive law enforcement experience. To do this, Founder Raftery assembled a group of associates who are former federal, state, and local law enforcement officers. Some of Falcon’s Associates have held Top Secret clearances with the U.S. Government

Falcon Associates have extensive knowledge developed over decades of experience in a wide variety of investigative and security disciplines. Falcon Associates have experience in both domestic and international matters and are strategically located to address its clients’ global needs.

Falcon Associates maintain the following certifications:

Lionel Baren

30 Years of Law Enforcement Experience, 22 Years with the FBI, M.B.A. in Finance, B.S. in Business Administration, U.S. Army Veteran.

Mr. Baren enjoyed a distinguished career of over 22 years with the FBI where he rose to the position of Supervisory Special Agent; provisionally acting as an Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) within the Boston office. As a Special Agent, Mr. Baren handled various criminal matters such as Money Laundering, Terrorism, National Security Investigations, narcotics, organized crime, public corruption, and Indian Reservation Matters. Mr. Baren functioned in significant undercover roles during his career and has extensive experience in Police Training.
After retiring from the FBI, Mr. Baren worked for the U.S. Department of The Treasury, Office of Technical Affairs (OTA) with assignments in Afghanistan, Jamaica, and Suriname. In Afghanistan, Mr. Baren was assigned to the Major Crimes Task Force (MCTF) where he facilitated law enforcement capacity assessment and development; focusing upon the strengthening and maturation of the Afghan MCTF to investigate organized crime, narcotics, money laundering, kidnapping, frauds, and terrorism. In Jamaica, Mr. Baren facilitated law enforcement capacity assessment and development; focusing upon the strengthening and maturation of Jamaica’s Constabulary Force (JFU) to investigate public corruption, money laundering, narcotics, tax evasion, and lottery scams in conjunction with foreign police cooperation. Mr. Baren, in-kind, focused upon the strengthening and maturation of Suriname’s national police force, Korps Politie Suriname (KPS) and Customs, to investigate public corruption, narcotics, money laundering, and tax evasion in conjunction with foreign police cooperation. In both assignments, Mr. Baren worked closely with that country’s FINCEN equivalent.

Michael L. Corrado

32 years in Law Enforcement, 21 Years at the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office, former Unit Captain, former Tactical Commander, former President of the International Homicide Investigators Association

Through his position as Captain, Mr. Corrado oversaw a number of major crime investigations. With oversight over Homicide, Forensics, Sex Crimes, and Crimes Against Children, Mr. Corrado managed eight operational squads. He also reviewed case investigations and prepared cases for indictment and prosecution. On top of that, he promulgated annual reports, administered budgets, and facilitated grants.

Mr. Corrado is currently serving as the Government Services and Training Coordinator for the International Homicide Investigators’ Association. In this role, he coordinates nationwide law enforcement training with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He also acts as a consultant with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Gary Dagan

25 years with the FBI, Oversaw FBI’s Economic Crimes Programs and Computer Intrusions Programs, a U.S. Representative of the G8 High-Tech Crime Subgroup, supervised the first Terrorist Financing Task Force, Investigated over 400 Corporate Offices and Brand Locations for Security Assessment, M.S. in Economic Crime Management, B.A. in Business Administration and Accounting, CPA, CAMS, CFE, Financial Forensics Certification

With over twenty-five years with the FBI and several years within the physical security and CPA professions, Mr. Dagan is specialized in numerous cross-functional areas. This included corporate security, financial crimes investigations, anti-money laundering, forensic accounting, audit/risk management, and more. He has delivered training programs domestically and globally, having led joint investigations and trained personnel in over 25 countries.

In addition to the first Terrorist Financing Task Force, Mr. Dagan led many other successful task forces. These task forces range from the 10-Agency Corporate Fraud Task Force (an International Prime Bank Fraud Task Force), to the Joint Caribbean White-Collar Crime Investigation Team.

Vincent Mayo

15+ Years as Police Officer and Leader, former County Police SWAT Team Member, Consultant, Trainer for Awareness Protective Consultants, LLC, Meritorious Unit Citation, and Valor Awards recipient

Vincent Mayo carries strong experience in professional law enforcement and security training across several areas. His experience includes public safety, emergency response, high-risk response, and tactical operations.

Within the County Police SWAT team, Mayo worked as:

  • An operator
  • Assistant Commander of the Emergency Services Unit
  • A diver on the Water Search and Recovery Unit

Currently, Mayo works as a Consultant/Trainer for Awareness Protective Consultants, LLC (DBA: Team APC). There, he conducts training and provides education services for Law Enforcement officers, Civilians, Schools, and Corporations. He also carries out surveillance and security operations. 

Jose Medina

27 years in Law Enforcement, Founded Awareness Protective Consultants, LLC in 2002, Created and Developed SWAT Response programs for Critical Incident Mass Casualty Shootings and Events

In his 27-year career in Law Enforcement, Jose L. Medina gained experience as a leader in a number of investigations. His experience includes illegal drug and gun distribution, sex trafficking, and counter-terrorism investigations. Medina has an extensive background in both training and consulting for Law Enforcement, Civilians, Schools, and Corporations.

In 1999, Medina was tasked with creating and developing his former department’s Emergency Services Unit (SWAT). He developed a critical incident mass casualty shootings and events response following the Columbine Shooting.

Then in 2002, Medina founded Awareness Protective Consultants, LLC. His LLC consults with and provides training services to law enforcement agencies, large colleges, schools, and businesses. Medina also helps develop threat and risk assessments, policies, and active shooter response plans.

Matthew Weachter​

14 years in Law Enforcement, former Acting Corporal of Police, former Executive Protection Specialist for Pinkerton

During his career in law enforcement, Matt Weachter obtained police certifications in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Weachter served with the Borough of Morton Police Department in Delaware County, PA for 3 years. After that, he served with the Delaware River Port Authority Police Department (DRPA- PA/NJ) for 12 years. Here, he served as part of the Marine Unit and eventually obtained the rank of Acting Corporal of Police.

Weachter is trained and specialized in several areas:

  • Police Supervision
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Crash Investigation
  • Field Training Officer
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Open Water Rescue

Matt Weachter eventually worked as an Executive Protection Specialist with Pinkerton. Weachter was assigned to protect the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in 2016 and responded to the Charlotte Civil Unrest in 2016.

Philip Wrona

39 years in Security and Investigative Specialties, former Supervisory Special Agent with the Department of Homeland Security, former Special Agent with the Department of Treasury, Certified Instructor in Private Police and Security Training, M.A. in Security, CFE, Certified Protection Personnel (CPP)

Philip Wrona is a specialist in security training and investigation. Wrona has worked with large city police departments, federal agencies, and the U.S. military.

As a federal employee, Mr. Wrona oversaw programs involving Homeland Security Operations, Critical Infrastructure Protection, and Security Program Administration. Across his career, he oversaw operations with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Michigan and Ohio. After this, he went on to manage the Office of Inspector Generals for the DHS in Arizona.

Mr. Wrona has conducted investigations into all manners of violent and non-violent crime. He’s investigated manners involving Internal Employee Misconduct and Ethical Compliance, External Fraud and Theft, and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. On top of that, Mr. Wrona is an expert in procurement fraud.