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Workplace Violence


Workplace Violence/Active Shooter Training

What Questions Are You Considering When It Comes to Workplace Violence/Active Shooter?

Minimizing the opportunity for workplace violence, and any resulting injury, depends upon employers developing a strong safety and health program that includes management, commitment, employee participation, hazard identification and prevention, safety and health training, control, and reporting. 

Staff Protection

The Falcon Consulting Group has developed an extensive Workplace Violence Prevention training program.


Our programs are flexible and can be expanded to include a review of policies, procedures, conducive environments and the institution of preventative measures. This includes identifying and addressing/diffusing aggressive behaviors, mapping of a facility for areas of vulnerability and concealment, as well as active shooter preparation.

Employee Training Overview

In our Employee Training program, you will learn:

Modeling characteristics of verbal and non-verbal workplace violence
Exploring behavior and stressors associated with insider risk
Tips for minimizing workplace violence
Dealing with potential workplace violence encounters, withdrawal, engagement
Active Shooter preparation and protocols for employees
Define appropriate employee reaction to arrivial of law enforcement
Applying lessons learned to minimize violent encounters away from the workplace
Examining the emotional aftermath of traumatic events
Recovering from traumatic stress
Embracing a philosophy of being prepared

Management Training Overview


Identifying federal and state legislation associated with employer obligations and support for employee protection from workplace violence


Employee protection from workplace violence


Development of an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for your organization


Designing policies and procedures for reporting suspected workplace violence incidents


Exploring toxic workplace cultures and minimizing opportunities for workpalce violence


Active shooter preparation and protocols for management


Evaluation of facility's physical security, access control integrity, potential routes for evacuation and areas of concealing-in-place


Evaluation of workplace and assessment of whether it unnecessarily favors active shooter


Options for confronting disruptive behaviors and potential termination of employees displaying such behavior


Systematic criminal background checks of employees


Stress test security preparations and EAP through table top exercises


Consultation available in the aftermath of threats or potential violence

When it’s your safety on the line, don’t let any potential threat go undetected.

Let us prepare you for anything.