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Threat Assessment & Protection

“Why do I need a Threat Assessment and Protection?”

Over the last several months, violent crimes have seen an alarming increase. Homicide rates in Philadelphia and NYC alone are up over 30%. Shootings in both cities have skyrocketed. Mass shooting events have seen an exponential increase over the last decade.

In terms of physical property, the Insurance Information Institute expects this year to be one of the most expensive. In terms of civil disorders in U.S. history, organizations need a security risk assessment.

In short, the risk of an adverse event is at an all-time high. The best thing you can do is be prepared for anything.

Expert Personal Security Assessment Service

With more than 25 years of combined experience in military and law enforcement, our team is ready for anything.Falcon Associates have operated in high threat environments both dometically and internationally. Our experience in executive protection and SWAT operations makes us uniquely qualified to handle your security.

Threat Assessment & Protection

The Falcon Consulting Group is highly trained and skilled in Security Site Surveys & Threat Assessments for:

Commercial buildings
Educational facilities
Houses of Worship

Threat Assessment

As part of our standard threat assessment, we: 


Conduct a thorough assessment of your entire facility


Identify any potential weak points or threat


Develop security solutions to recommend to clients


Assist in implementing those solutions

We understand that your unique situation presents unique security challenges and risks. Falcon Security Associates will help you identify risks specific to you and your family. From there, we will recommend personalized security solutions for you.

For your protection and convenience, we offer 24/7 personal protection, complete with a vehicle.

Hire an investigation and security firm that you can trust

When it’s your safety on the line, don’t let any potential threat go undetected.

Let us prepare you for anything.