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Global Risks

International Markets

Global Risks

International Markets Bring New Risks To Businesses. So We Bring Risk Assessment to the Next Level.

Global business has become a fast-paced, competitive market. It’s a necessary one to enter to seriously become a contender in the business world. The internet has made international business all the more accessible. With this, many companies can only find the desirable growth and profit they seek by expanding into new markets. But the internet brings with it certain cybersecurity risks and concerns.

And for the times when digital isn’t enough, there are still more risks with international business travel.

You shouldn’t miss out on advantageous business opportunities in overseas markets just because of the level of risk involved. Terrorism and political instability risks are real, and corporate leaders confront these risks when conducting global business. Protecting employees and corporate assets is the responsibility of every corporation. Do you know who you are doing business with? That’s why risk assessment is such a crucial part of Falcon’s services. Falcon also offers travel risk assistance and enhanced due diligence of perspective business associates.

As with any international business, language, cultural and political differences can also present challenges. A thorough understanding of international business ethics is required to survive in the global market.

Falcon Associates average over twenty-five years of experience working in countries around the world. The Falcon Consulting Group will tailor a plan for your organization using essential global business risk assessment.

The Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA)

In 2022, DOJ and SEC resolved a total of eight corporate FCPA cases, totaling $878 million in penalties, disgorgement, and interest, when considering credits and offsets in related foreign enforcement actions and, in certain cases, inability to pay.

For 2022, there were three key enforcement developments:

  • A rebound in corporate FCPA enforcement actions;
  • Revitalized interest in corporate monitorships; and
  • Individual FCPA and FCPA-related enforcement continues apace.

Almost daily in a major newspaper or on social media, there is an article on a major, well known company or organization under investigation for Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA) violations. Most small to mid-size companies are not prepared to conduct an international internal investigation. But compliance is not an option, and non-compliance can be very costly.

Falcon Associates have extensive experience conducting FCPA investigations. Let Falcon’s experience work for you.

Over 25 years of experience

Falcon Associates have over twenty-five years of experience. Many Falcon Associates have had overseas assignments with some in high threat environments. With that expertise, Falcon can assess the risk factors in your international business dealings. Then, Falcon can perform enhanced due diligence on prospective business associates, provide travel risk assistance to your employees, and more.

We provide a range of expertise when it comes to security risk assessment. This includes due diligence of:

3rd Party Vendor
Foreign Business Associates
Joint Venture Partners
Mergers & Acquisition
Verification of Assets
FCPA Assessment
Travel Risk Assessments
International Facilities Risk and Threat Assessment

The Falcon Consulting Group compliance risk assessment process will identify, control and monitor FCPA risks across your company.

The Falcon Consulting Group compliance risk assessment process will identify, control and monitor FCPA risks across your company


Audit and determine risk.


Develop a personalized compliance policy.


Train personnel regularly on compliance policy and FCPA requirements.

In-house FCPA compliance team.

Facilitate establishment of FCPA compliance team, including legal, financial reporting, and internal audit personnel.


Determine if other country's anti-bribery laws may apply to your company.


Provide guidance relevant to using outside counsel and experts in your company’s FCPA compliance program, especially where privilege may be an issue.


Review current internal accounting control systems and make recommendations for improvement.

Due Diligence

Oversee review of part of M&A and JV due diligence.


Confirm that robust and verified compliance is expected by the DOJ/SEC.


Assist with self-disclosure and mitigation of penalties if a violation is suspected and/or occurs.

When it’s your safety on the line, don’t let any potential threat go undetected.

Let us prepare you for anything.